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Two dead and two wounded in North Park Elementary School shooting

On average there has been almost one school shooting per week in the United States for the last couple years.

LOS ANGELES- Chaos broke out at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino when gunfire erupted on Monday.  Shots were fired, and 4 people were reportedly hit.  Police and fire officials have said that two adults are dead and two more people, who have not yet been identified as students or adults, were taken to the hospital after being hit by gunfire.

San Bernardino Police Chief, Jarrod Burguan, said that the incident appeared to be a “murder-suicide,” adding that the suspect might be down.  The elementary school was evacuated and parents were called to pick up their children.  According to the police, there no longer appears to be a threat.  The names of the victims, nor information about the shooter has been released yet.

Unfortunately, today’s tragedy is not an anomaly, but rather something that has become a devastating pattern in America. Today is the latest in a string of tragic school shootings that have plagued our country.

According to Everytown, a group of Americans working together to end gun violence, there have been over 200 school shootings in the United States since 2013, averaging at almost one per week. Not every one ends with fatalities, however, just like with today’s shooting, the damage extends long past the tragic day.

Studies show test scores and student enrollment go down while depression goes up.


Some content/photos courtesy of Reuters.