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Tongva Park features free visual art in The Wonder Room

Photo by Moses Hacmon

SANTA MONICA, CA – For those in Santa Monica who want to indulge in free art, Art @ Tongva is a great option.

The art program has been taking place in Tongva Park since 2014 and has been an ongoing series of curated events. Art @ Tongva launches on April 5 and 6 from 7:30-9:00 PM with the fourth annual The Wonder Room, two nights of performances and visual art by a number of artists who work together to launch the intimate performances.

The newest edition of Art @ Tongva will be offered for two consecutive nights for the first time, featuring works by L.A. choreographer, Sarah Elgart, and her company, Arrogant Elbow. Grammy Award-winning vocalist Rosalie Rodriguez, along with Pepe Flores and Gino Gamboa, will also perform rarely heard Peruvian melodies from her new, yet-to-be-released album. TED Fellow and light artist Christine Marie will showcase her 3D/stereoscopic light spectacles to create an interactive experience, while visual artist Deborah Aschheim’s ghost cityscapes can also be viewed. Ana Prvacki’s Tent, quintet, bows and elbows welcomes musical guests The Blasting Company, and special guests Bridget Rountree and Iain Gunn of San Diego’s Animal Cracker Conspiracy will perform their shadow play Desire to Fly, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s work.

Audiences are encouraged to be creative with their experience by choosing their artistic journey and exploring the works on their own. In doing so, they can discover Tongva Park’s unique layout of gardens, vistas, and pathways, as designed by James Corner Field Operations, the masterminds behind New York’s High Line.

After The Wonder Room, Tongva Park will also host Great Explorations on May 13, and a two-evening dance performance on June 7 and 8.


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