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Santa Monica High School Alum Speaks about Her First Big Role in “Survival of the Fittest”

Sara Aldana Modeling Pix IB 1Santa Monica, Calif. – sat down with University of California Santa Barbara student and Santa Monica High School alumni, Sara Aldana.  Sara is a communication major at UCSB during the school year but pursues her acting career during the summer months.

Sara talked with us about one of the first student films she participated in while at Santa Monica High School.

3rdstreet:  What do your remember about making this short film?

Sara:  I remember that we had to hike a really long distance to get to the shooting location.

3rdstreet:  It looks like you were in the mountains around Temescal Canyon – is that right?

Sara:  Possibly, I really don’t remember.   I do remember that it was dark when we wrapped and I kept tripping over things as we came down the mountain.  I was worried a mountain lion was going to attack.

3rdstreet:  Were the other actors also students at SAMO?

Sara:  Yes.  The cast and crew were made up entirely of students.

3rdsteet:  Was this a final project for the school year?

Sara:  No.  This was a short the director, Milo Poon-Fear, entered into the Santa Monica Film Festival.

3rdstreet:  Besides this short, what else are you doing in front of the camera?

Sara:  I do a bit of modeling with Wunder Managment.  For a bit of experience and summer money, I work as an extra on TV Shows. I was an extra in the TV Show “Grandfathered” starring John Stamos and Josh Peck.

3rdstreet:  What are you plans after you graduate from UCSB?

Sara:  I want to keep practicing my craft as an actor.  But, my parents always taught me the value of having a career so I am also going to learn about 3D computer graphics at our family business, Icon Imaging.

Click on the video below to watch Sara in one of her first important roles.


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