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Nalu, the dog, saved by quick thinking Santa Monica firefighter who administered CPR

Photo by Billy Fernando
Photo by Billy Fernando

SANTA MONICA, CA – Firefighters are well-aware that the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation technique is extremely vital for their job, but one Santa Monica firefighter had to perform mouth-to-snout resuscitation last Tuesday that went above and beyond the norm.   He had some face time with man’s best friend.

According to KTLA, a fire occurred in an apartment building near Santa Monica High School on March 21, on the 1800 block of Seventh Street. One unit of the building in particular was burning in the kitchen and storage room.

Firefighters entered the unit and found an unresponsive dog that had been affected by the heat and smoke.  Nalu, the dog didn’t have a pulse and firefighters evacuated the canine.  Once outside, Santa Monica fireman, Andrew Klein, performed pet CPR for about 20 minutes until Nalu once again began breathing on his own.

Klein told KTLA: “It was pretty amazing because I’ve been on a number of animal rescues like this that did not come out the same way that Nalu’s story did. It was definitely a win for the whole team and the department that we got him back.”

Nalu’s owner, Crystal Limirand, was ultimately unable to salvage her apartment from the blaze despite twenty-three firefighters getting control in approximately 10 minutes. No humans were injured and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.


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