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Mayor Kevin McKeown awards McKinley Elementary for community efforts

November 15, 2015 – The crisp wind blew off the Pacific Ocean.  The sun was shining.  Volunteers actively set up tents, tables, signs, rock walls, and bicycle courses.  With a 60% chance of rain before the afternoon, our broadcast staff, along with the event organizers hoped to have the Santa Monica Family Bike Festival underway and finished before the rain started.

As the day progressed, the staff had a chance to catch up with Stephan Corbel, Chairperson for the Green and Sustainability Project at McKinley Elementary.   In the interview below, Corbel tells more about the Santa Monica Family Bike Festival and why it is important to the community.

Helen’s Cycles is a West Side Bike shop that everyone knows and loves.  Helen’s offers bikes to everyone at a reasonable price.  One of their staff, Jim, is a well known cyclists who has taught thousands of Santa Monica children how to ride their bikes.  Known, as the Bike Whisperer, Jim graciously gave our staff a few minutes of time.

As the winner of the Bike It and Walk It competition for the 2nd year in a row, Mayor McKeown awarded McKinley Elementary and the student body a trophy designed as a gold shoe.  The shoe signifies the students commitment to finding alternate ways of commuting to and from school.

Santa Monica Councilwomen, Pam O’Connor, shares her thoughts on the importance of Santa Monica going green and what it means for future generations.

Finally able to catch up the the intrepid Teague Weybright, current President of the McKinley Elementary PTA, Weybright shares his thoughts about the community.

Joined by students, Doug DeBeech, wraps our coverage of the Santa Monica Family Bike Festival.



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