Save the earth and look good while commuting to work on your bike

SANTA MONICA – Southern California has always been known to heavily rely on automobiles. Despite an accessible public transportation system that could take you all the way from Downtown LA to Santa Monica, the LAist reports that commuters often forego the bus or train in favor of their car due to “inconvenience, unreliability, and safety concerns.” But if not the bus, train, or Metro, why not the bike?

Commuting to work via bike if you live a local distance away is an excellent option due to its health benefits. According to Men’s Fitness, a bike ride burns more calories than a walk – 281 calories compared to 176 calories per hour if the bicyclist is riding at less than 10 mph and the walker is strolling at 2 mph. Considering the fact that driving constitutes even less exercise than walking does, riding a bike to work would conveniently double as cardio time.

It would also help the environment in ways that driving a car never could. You Can Bike There, an advocate for bike riding, states that a car produces 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air during its lifetime and that 40 pounds of tire and brake debris are released into the environment. Because bikes don’t require gas or fuel, it significantly lowers the amount of emissions as well as the need for oil. You then save a considerable amount of money on gas (and on insurance, maintenance, etc.)!

Despite the amazing advantages, however, one slight concern that you might have about riding your bike to work is what you would wear. But look no further – if you want to look fashionable while still being comfortable and work-appropriate, here are our stylish options:


When you’re riding a bike to work in the morning, it can get a little chilly (yes, even in LA). To stay warm yet fashionable, this Laundry by Shelli Segal Double Breasted Fit and Flare Coat would keep you cozy during your commute – AND turn heads in your office.


Oxfords are always a great option for work wear due to its comfortability (no high heel pain!) and style that’s appropriate for an office. These Tamaris ‘Phanie’ Slip-On Oxford have no laces, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about your shoelaces getting untied while biking.


When you’re on a bike, you’re inevitably limited on ways to find out the time or to even make a phone call like you would in a Bluetooth-enabled car. This gorgeous Michael Kors Bradshaw Bracelet Smart Watch allows you to quickly find out the time while you’re on the go, and it’s even Bluetooth enabled. Stylish AND smart!

Work can be stressful as it is. But next time, try taking the environmental stress off of your commuting by riding your bike and looking good while doing it!