2018 swimsuit trends in time for the summer

SANTA MONICA – What goes around must come around, and bathing suits are about to have come full circle as the 2018 summer beckons the return of the one piece. As the summer begins to kick off with the conclusion of April rapidly approach and Santa Monica beach beginning to gain regulars, the new, hot trends for bathing suits are coming to the surface, and at the forefront is the one piece.

While the one piece may have you cringing for many reasons, it’s at least not as unfashionable as they used to be. Instead of a single piece of fabric with holes cut out, fashionistas finally took the time to upgrade the design and make one piece suits go from cookie cutters to cute, fashionable attire that isn’t so embarrassing to walkout in.

The newest trend with the one piece suit specifically has incorporated the front tie that has long been apart of women’s fashion. Instead of a flat piece of fabric, the suit cuts at waist for a high waisted look and gathers the fabric up top to make a tie strapless chest piece.

However, it’s reasonable to say not everyone is a one-piece type of girl, and no matter how in it may be you just refuse to don the solid piece of fabric. No worries though, the fashion world knows and understands this and is working just as hard on its bikini styles.

The big bikini trend for 2018 will definitely be this new one-shoulder style. It’s as fashionable as the one-shoulder dress and is probably just as comfortable if not more. The styles within this concept vary from an one-inch strap to a full cap sleeve on one side. Women will be able to find the style and look that truly fits them, and the best part is that mix-and-match bikini’s are also coming back so women can truly customize their beach day outfit.

Photos courtesy of Juan Salamanca and Bruce Mars on Pexels and Miami Swim Weekend and Eleana Grasso’s Instagrams.


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