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Ye Olde Kings Head Gift Shoppe is a must visit in light of royal wedding

SANTA MONICA – One thing is for sure about Los Angeles — they really love to support their own, and Meghan Markle’s up-and-coming wedding is a fairy-tale-like story and has LA County all-a-buzz.  For one locally owned store in Santa Monica, it’s becoming a game changing moment for its business.

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Ye Olde Kings Head Gift Shoppe is located at 132 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica.  Ye Olde Kings Head has 719 reviews on Yelp and has become a tourist favorite in the Bay City.   With the pending Royal Wedding, the shoppe has seen an incline in demand for British memorabilia .

“We brought stuff in and thought we might not sell it, you know, and it was gone in the first week. We were like ‘oh my God,’ so we bought more, then we bought more. It’s like amazing … really overwhelming,” store manager and British expat, Dympna Madeley, told Reuters recently.

The shoppe sells a variety of souvenirs, from life-size cutouts of the royal couple to commemorative plates and teacups. The Ye Olde Kings Head has taken to showcasing small trinkets such as teaspoons, key rings and coasters that shoppers can’t get enough of, but it’s not just Americans buying up the items. The British are also coming in to score their own souvenir of the historic wedding.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable,” said Madeley.

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Markle was born and raised in LA, making the draw to memorabilia more enticing to LA itself. The LA native, however, is in full swing with wedding preparations as the flowers were reported to have been loaded up Tuesday as well as an Instagram post by the royal baker, previewing what looks like the royal cake top.

The wedding will be held on Saturday, May 19.

Photos courtesy of Claire Ptak’s Instagram and Ye Olde King’s Head Instagram and website.


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