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Violent home invasion ends with two victims hospitalized

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UPDATED JUNE 1, 2017 – SANTA MONICA – Today, criminal charges were officially filed against the two suspects in the May 26th home invasion. According to a press release from the Santa Monica PD, the charges filed against 24-year old Brian Noah Morgan included attempted murder, robbery, burglary, parole violation and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  The filed charges for the juvenile were for multiple felony counts including attempted murder, robbery, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. 

After extensive investigation from the SMPD, the two suspects are now believed to be involved in another home invasion that happened on May 15th.  The invasion in question happened at about 3:00.  It was then that SMPD received a radio call about a home invasion robbery happening on the 500 block of 17th street. The arrived to the scene to find the resident had suffered from aggravated assault.  The resident was treated at the scene and then subsequently hospitalized.

MAY 31, 2017- This past Friday evening, just after 6 p.m., the police arrived to the 200 block of 19th street after receiving a radio call reporting a home invasion according to a press release from the Santa Monica Police Department.  It is unclear how the perpetrators gained access to the multi-million dollar residence, but the robbery soon turned violent.  It is unclear who exactly was in the home, but the father, Imtiaz Tar, and another victim were taken to the hospital for treatment.  The father was treated for serious stab wounds and the other victim received treatment for injuries endured by a blunt object.  ABC reported that a nearby resident, Kia Kohanzad said that the mother was also inside with “bloody hands, face, and she was screaming, ‘Pray for him,’ Kohanzad said. Family members told the media that the two victims are predicted to survive. 

Both suspects tried to flee the scene.  One suspect, a juvenile, was apprehended in the backyard of the house by SWAT officers and Police K-9, while the other one disappeared out of sight.  Later that same night, however, the Santa Monica Police updated their Twitter stating that the second suspect had been taken into custody. 

The first suspect is underage and has been booked for attempted homicide, conspiracy, robbery and parole violation.  The other suspect, 24 year old Brian Noah Morgan, has been booked for conspiracy, robbery and parole violation.  He is being held without bail.  Santa Monica PD recommends anyone with further information to contact Detective Goodwin (310) 458-8942, Detective Leone (310) 458-8949 or the Santa Monica Police Department (310)458-8491.

Videos by ABC and CBS.


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