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Los Angeles awarded 2028 Olympic bid

Los Angeles officially secured the 2028 bid for the summer Olympics
Los Angeles officially secured the 2028 bid for the summer Olympics

In a little over a decade, get ready for the streets of Los Angeles to be filled with the worlds most elite athletes!  Just a couple days ago, the International Olympic Committee shook things up by voting on not one, but two summer Olympic bids, something that goes against the protocol they have used for the past several decades.  This all happened after four of the six cities trying to get an Olympics bid dropped out for the 2024 Olympics.  In turn, Los Angeles, who had been working for two years towards getting a bid for the 2024 Olympics, dropped out as well in hopes to get the 2028 bid. This left Paris as the only candidate. As a result, just a few days ago it became official and Paris was awarded the 2024 summer Olympics, while Los Angeles was awarded the Olympics in 2028.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was thrilled about the results, and how cooperative the process was.  “You think about it, it might feel subtle, but usually you have two or three cities crying in a corner, the press comes how do you feel to a group that’s just lost and one glorious victor. When in this world I think we have enough losers today or enough divisions today or enough people who go after their dreams only to have them crushed. Today, I think we model something different that dreams can come true for two cities, for a movement, for our people together,” he said according to Reuters.

Since the Olympics will come 4 years later than originally campaigned for, much of the planning will have to be adjusted.  However, that did not stop landmarks throughout Los Angeles from celebrating.  An NBC newsChopper showed City Hall, Capitol Records, The Coliseum, The Getty Center and Santa Monica Pier all colorfully lit up in honor of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.  Hermosa Pier was also lit up.

Some content/photos by Reuters.


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