Woman goes off on a tirade after witnessing a couple’s PDA.

This woman began a verbal confrontation with two other customers at a poke shop after witnessing their PDA.
Photo: LiveLeak

SANTA MONICA- It was a typical sunny Santa Monica afternoon at Mainland Poke when the day took a hostile turn.  A couple was waiting in line to order their food when another costumer became outraged at their display of affection.  The whole outburst was recorded on video and posted on LiveLeak.  The man captioned the video saying that he simply, “had [his] arms around [his] girlfriend and kissed her on the forehead a couple times, waiting for this lady to finish checking out, when all of a sudden…” she began shouting.

The lady verbally confronted the couple and called the girl a slew of derogatory names claiming that she was a “prostitute”.  As her shouting continued, the lady walked up to the couple and said  she was being sexually harassed and stalked by them.

Displeased with the lack of intervention by staff, she demanded a refund and asked to talk to the manager.  When she did not immediately get her money back she took to yelling at the couple once more.  The video then pans to a group of onlookers starring in disbelief.  One man, however, steps in and tries to get the woman to go outside and leave the establishment.  She, having none of it, turns her crusade racial calling the man a “retarded foreign asshole.”

The video ends with the lady promising to send the police and calling the woman a prostitute one last time.