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Candytopia extends its run to late July

SANTA MONICA — Candytopia opens in Santa Monica and is such a sweet experience, it’s extending the run until July 22. TLC’s Candy Queen star, Jackie Sorkin, and sweets fabricator, Zac Hartog, debuted the interactive world of sweets in 2017 at LA Hangar Studios, and this year it’s back in Santa Monica, now, until late July.

The pop-up store offers those with a penchant for sweets a gastro journey that is also eye-catching.  Candytopia offers a variety of attractions such as the Museum of Ice Cream and Marshmallow Massive – a pool of sponges that look like marshmallows. However, the candy attraction is unlike anything else visitors can experience anywhere else.

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Unlike Charlie at The Chocolate Factory, customers are encouraged to touch and interact with the displays.  However, eating the attractions that have installed features is against the rules. From sculptures to candy art, the event provides a dream world, in which candy aficionados and lovers can escape.

Patrons are encouraged to enjoy the exhibit and not worry about photos. While tons of selfie opportunities are provided, Candytopia offers free, high-quality images that will be emailed to you once you join the mailing list. However, cell phones and personal cameras are welcome with plenty of candy-related backgrounds provided.

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The Gallery includes exhibits inspired by themes like Starry Night, Mona Lisa, and Willy Wonka’s candy factory. Tickets prices are $30 for an adult and $23 per child.  For more information visit

Feature photo courtesy of Candytopia’s Facebook. In post photos courtesy of Evecermak and Alexandra’s Instagrams.


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