Art, music, food and more at the Airport ArtWalk this Saturday!

Gallery shot of “Minor Identity Crisis II” including arrow installation, “Kill The DJ”
By Gus Harper, an artist at the ArtWalk

Saturday, March 18th marks the 11th Annual Airport ArtWark in Santa Monica.  It takes place in one of Los Angeles’ oldest operating airfields and boasts nine converted airport hangers into places of artistic freedom.  So get ready for a day filled with art, ceramics, theater, live music, and even get your fill of grub for the day from one of the food trucks.

The event is free of charge to the public and allows for a behind the scenes look into an artists life.  See the artists, see their studios, and see their art. Venture into ARENA 1 to see an exhibit called Woman look Out highlighting female artists who look out for others.  If theater is more your scene, the Ruskin Group Theater will be preforming and offering improvisation workshops for kids. 

Don’t worry, even if you’re not that into art, you can head off to the Museum of Flying.  The museum will explore the history of flight through interactive exhibits.  Want a break?  Step out and into the Airport Avenue Demonstration Gardens that boast sustainable landscapes that can be used for home gardens.

The Santa Monica Artwork takes place at 3026 Airport Ave and runs from 12 to 5 p.m.

A piece of art by John Geary, an artist at the ArtWalk on Saturday