HMG is a Santa Monica, California based corporation.  Our digital professionals strive to deliver honest, relevant, and entertaining news stories and content to our viewers.

We create our own content and believe neutrality in news is a worthy aspiration.  HMG and any affiliate websites or other content distribution platforms cannot be held responsible for views expressed in comments by users.

Moreover, HMG does not support racism, sexism, or any type of action that will lead to violence, bullying, or action that could be construed as a crime in the United States of America.  Finally, all of the people at HMG will endeavor to:

  • Seek Truth and Report It
  • Minimize Harm
  • Act Independently
  • Be Accountable and Transparent
  • Verify that they are real people
  • Will always strive to protect our user’s privacy

HMG is committed to advertising your product, creating content, and producing live events for distribution on all media platforms.  All work is performed by media professionals,  We engage in ongoing learning and believe in an empowered environment.

At HMGI, we own, maintain, and update a network of news and entertainment websites that reach across multiple demographic categories.  More than 250,0000 people visit our sites per month and that number is increasing daily.