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Legal action against United Airlines underway after passenger was forcefully removed

One protester holds up a sign decrying the horrible treatment of Dr. Dao by United Airlines

SANTA MONICA- United Flight 3411 has become known nationwide after a graphic video containing a passenger’s body violently being dragged off the plane went viral.  The man, Dr. David Dao, was asked to leave the overbooked flight to make room for employees.  He, however, refused as he had patients that he needed to see.  Security then took matters into their own hands, literally.  The result was violent and ended with Dao in the hospital.

People have called upon customers to refuse to fly United and demanded action be taken.  Lawyers for Dr. Dao have filed an emergency request to preserve the video recordings and other evidence of Dao’s mistreatment.

According to Reuters, under the risk of “serious prejudice” to Dao, his lawyers are calling upon United and the City of Chicago to keep all surveillance videos, cockpit voice recordings, passenger and crew lists and other material relating to the flight.

However, maybe not all the video taken that day was legal.  Technically, United’s policy allows personal pictures and videos to be taken.  Their policy, however, does not allow for the capturing of other passengers or airline staff without consent. That means the viral video of Dao being forcefully and violently removed from the flight might have been illegally taken.  However, due to the publicity of this video and the massive PR disaster United is facing, they will most likely not take any legal action against the videos.

Their stock and value of the company has already dropped drastically. Despite taking several actions in an attempt to rectify the situation, it seems the public is only getting more and more enraged.  United has agreed to pay all passengers on board back for the price of their ticket. CEO Oscar Munoz has apologized to Dao’s family and said the company will stop using law enforcement to remove passengers from overbooked flights.  Additionally United’s CEO Oscar Munoz issued a public apology.

United on Twitter

United CEO response to United Express Flight 3411.

His apology backfired and only fueled an even greater internet storm of fury, as people criticized his use of the word re-accommodate.  A new trending hashtag #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos quickly became a way to mock the airline.


Rohith on Twitter

First class, business class, and fight club seating available #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos

Corey Sharpe on Twitter

You’ll drop faster than our stocks” #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos

©00[&th€9@ng on Twitter

NewUnitedAirlinesMottos Come as a doctor, leave as a patient ?

However, as the criticism and public outcry increased, United released another, more detailed apology promising to “fix what’s broken so this never happens again.”


Photos/some content courtesy of Reuters.