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Local Santa Monica artist thrust into limelight after creating Anti-Trump billboard

Artist Karen Fiorito‏ posted on Twitter a picture of her most recent artwork: an anti-Trump billboard

Santa Monica based artist Karen Fiorito has been thrust into the public eye after creating a politically charged billboard in Arizona featuring President Donald Trump alongside Swastikas.

Fiorito, is a vegan artist who received her M.F.A. in Printmaking from Arizona State University and a B.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania. She has been featured in many publications such as The Huffington Post, LA Weekly, Art in America, Seattle Weekly, and in many books.  Additionally, her art has been displayed in over 100 exhibits throughout the word.

She is an artist who, according to her website, believes that “all beings are worthy of our compassion and love and that humans can evolve in order for this to become a reality.”  Saying that “through [her] art, [she] strive[s] to make the viewer to feel as [she does]: that all beings are sacred and magical,” and her latest piece is just a different take on these same values.

However, whenever someone makes a strong political statement like this, there is bound to be some mixed responses. The artwork has received a very strong emotional response. The artist told CBS that while she has received, “tons and tons of positive feedback”  others “have said they will come and get [her] or that [she] should be sleeping with a gun under neither [her] pillow.”

In today’s extremely divided political climate where people are speaking up more and more with their contrasting views, it is no surprise how much controversy this billboard has caused.  She took to Twitter to share her thoughts a few days ago.


Karen Fiorito on Twitter

This happened today in Phoenix. My Anti-@realDonaldTrump billboard. Enjoy. #antitrump #Trump #resist #ImpeachTrump #dumptrump #TheResistance


Then, today she shared a Washington post article on her Twitter, insisting that as long as President Trump is here to stay, so too is her artwork.


Karen Fiorito on Twitter

This apocalyptic anti-Trump billboard won’t come down until he leaves office, its creator insists https://t.co/nHewonb7U8 @WashingtonPost